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Really fun hunt and new milestone


If you are looking for a post about big antlers, this isn't for you. If you want to hear about family and multi-generational hunters, read on.

I wasn't sure I was headed out the afternoon of Nov 27. I had hunted quite a bit and didn't feel very confident in seeing a target buck. My son text to see if I was going. He said he was planning to go and his son (3.5-year-old) wanted to go - which meant the only option was the Redneck at the farm. He then asked if I wanted to go along. A chance for 3 generations going some deer hunting - I am in!

We got to the blind clean. The door closed and my grandson says, "Where are my snacks?" He then proceeded to absolutely inhale a PB&J sandwich (a bit of a family tradition there). We soon had a few doe enter the field. My son discussed and we didn't think there was a chance at a target buck so I said, "I'd love to fill my doe tag tonight." A doe crossed at 37 yards and I wasn't comfortable with that shot. I kept watching north as doe worked towards us (that window was covered). A mature doe finally crossed at 15 yards but passed by the corner window by the time I had it open. She then stopped at 20 yards and my son grabbed my grandson so he wouldn't move and opened the big window. I drew, settled and then touched off the shot. She bolted into the cedars, and I was certain I heard her go down.

My grandson says, "let's go get her". We convinced him to wait a bit. A couple more doe came to the field. Once they cleared, the recovery was on. We found the arrow and discussed the blood looked good. Once we hit the edge of the field, we found blood. My grandson was all over the blood trailing. He had a stick and was pointing out each spot. My son had already pointed out she was laying about 40 yards inside the cedars. My grandson trailed like a champ. I told him to look around ahead and see if he sees anything... "Blood" he says and keeps on the trail. She had fish-hooked when she died, and he is eventually about 10 feet from the doe when I told him to look around again. He finally scanned to the right and saw her. He immediately went to make sure she was dead with his stick and then said he wanted "to see where the blood came out". So, we showed him where the arrow went in and came out.

We tagged her and dragged her to the edge of the field. I suggested maybe they should get the cart while I field dressed her. My son asked if my grandson wanted to see when we took her insides out. "Yes!" was the emphatic answer. So, we proceeded. As I cut around her butt some pellets came out and he says "Grandpa, she has poop in her." He wanted to see the stomach and was very interested in the heart. When my son lifted her up to drain the cavity, he asks "Dad, did you get all the juice out of her?"

We drug her to the truck. He asked, “Grandpa will you share the deer meat with me?”. I told him I would, but he wanted to take his share right away and wanted us to cut her up. We finally convinced him he could trust Grandpa to give him some once it was packaged up.

The milestones were 1) first time hunting with my grandson 2) first time my grandson saw a deer killed and 3) first deer kill by me on my new place.

Certainly, a top 10 hunt in my book.

Headed in - he had fallen asleep on the way down so was still waking up
Headed in.jpeg

Snack Time.

3 Generations
In the blind.jpeg

Starting the trailing
Trailing 1.jpeg

Continuing the trail - look ahead!
Trailing 2.jpeg

Found her
Found her.jpeg

Grandpa and Grandson enjoying God's creation
Grandpa and Grandson.jpeg
Congratulations! Awesome hunt and memories! We lost my Grandpa this year and even when he couldn’t hunt anymore, Dad and I would bring him out in the truck for recoveries. Enjoying God’s creation with family is priceless! Congrats too on the first deer on the new farm!
Love it, my grandson is 2.5 right now. I look forward to similar times soon. Congrats to all, great stuff!!
Very cool way to spend time with the boys. Congrats. Can’t wait for my boys to get old enough to make memories like this in the field.

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Fantastic hunt and story. All 3 of you will remember this for rest of your lives!!!

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