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Rollercoaster 2015- Finally got it done!


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So 2015 bow season has been an emotional rollercoaster as I am sure many of you have had that feeling before. Started out in great spirits seeing many good mature deer on camera throughout October. Fast forward to the second week of November and finally saw my number 1 buck after many days in the stand. He followed up 2 small bucks that passed right under me but he held up at 60 yards where I had no shooting lane. Stood there for 10 minutes and went back where he came from. Pretty sure he had a doe bedded up and was just pushing the small guys away. That same night had a nice deer I had on the hit list chasing a doe around. Had him at 40 yards and finally stopped him and hit a tiny twig and ended up hitting him in the neck. Tracked for 2 days but never found him. As a bowhunter that was devastating because I believe it is our job to make clean, quick kills but it happens. This was actually my first deer I have lost but I was due I suppose.
So I sat the rest of the week and seen very little action. Bucks were on lockdown for sure in my area. Actually on one of the very windy days I saw a buck chasing a doe behind me in the timber a ways and put a little stalk on them and got right in the middle of them running circles. Much to my surprise it worked and got to watch him breed on the ground 15 yards from me. Turned out he was a nice 3 1/2 year old I did not want to take. The next day I went out and had a good 4 year old come through, drew my bow and got him stopped quartering away about 35 yards with a tiny shooting lane and missed. (Also due for that I suppose) At this point I am depressed. He ducked my arrow a bit but I should have killed that deer.
Finally yesterday the bucks must have gotten the majority of the does bred and the mature deer were looking for more! I looked north of my stand and just saw antlers running around the field about 400 yards away. Looked through my binos and seen multiple shooters chasing 1 doe all over the place. They dropped down in the ditch between us and disappeared for about 10 minutes. Next thing I know here comes a doe running 90 mph with an awesome probably 160s deer on her tail. I got my bow drawn but could not get him stopped for a good shot. 2 minutes later another great buck comes through on the same trail...same deal could not get a clean shot with him running...What do ya know another buck comes through a little smaller that I passed and right behind him is the one I decided to take. A good solid 10 pt, stopped him at 20 yards and put one in his heart, he went 20 feet and fell over..cool thing was the 3rd deer through came back and smoked him while he was laying in his final resting place. While I sat in my tree 2 more good bucks came through and I have some video I will post of one of them. Part of me wishes I showed a little more patience because the hot doe came out in the field at 40 yards and there stood the big boy right behind her about 10 minutes after I shot the one I did. (Also have a small video of him, kind of hard to see him) Easy to say now but this time of year they are so unpredictable and I figured they would disappear as I had ever seen this deer before...either way long story short, I got it done and am very happy with the buck I did get.



Trail cam pic right before I shot him

I actually got 4 of these bucks on camera but the first 2 came through to fast and on a little different path so camera did not catch them.

Here is the video I got of the biggest of the deer that came through, little more patience and I might have had a shot at him but hind sights 20/20 as we all know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh7wf9gkgu4

Also a video of the smaller of the bucks
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