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Last night passed two good ones.... future stars. Deer movement was good. Neither deer was 5.

This morning It was absolutely dead until the frost cleared and then saw 3 small bucks walking. Zero does. Very quiet morning.

This evening.... at home with sick kiddos.
Louisa county I’ve had bucks running wild last 2 days, Been hearing about a lot of ppl shooting good bucks it’s definitely time to be in a tree!!

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I'm surprised to hear Iowa has been on the slower side. Seems exreme Northern MO gets going 3-4 days before Southern IA. We've been seeing older bucks daily since we started hunting on 11\1 either out of stand or on cams. Older being 4 or older. Even saw a 6 year old geezer on Friday but he probably isn't over 130.

My brother had to go back to work for the week and I killed a wide 10 on Monday at 1:35 I thought was a different buck so I'm done. One o those deals where he stepped out of the cedars giving me seconds to shoot....

Of course a cam pull yesterday revealed a new buck I'd gladly eat a tag trying to kill. He was working a scrape at 2:40 on 11/3.
I’ve always had good movement MATURE bucks late oct when cold. Then early nov it’s usually slow. (This year cold so better than normal) It’s almost like the old ones are like “I’m taking a break before it’s truly go time”. Dunno but I never like first 5 in November but after that!!!! Oh yes!!! It is picking up for sure though!!!
I use the same saying. Buddies and I always think they get locked down before they do cuz of this "calm" period then book! All Heck breaks loose Nov 6 to 11ish. I do think a few does are in now.
Judging from the text messages I have been getting from buddies that are hunting this morning while I work, sounds like day movement is picking up from the last few days. A giant may have died this morning, waiting on pictures ;-)
I moved about 15 miles from yesterday. There was two separate chases in the same valley at the same time and they were chasing hard. The bucks were grunting and some were snorting with every stride. One buck was making noises and growls like the Sith Lord.

11 bucks so far.
Still slow by me in SE Iowa. Zero so far today. My back needs a break too! Watched a couple does on a food plot last two nights and nothing was interested.
I hunted until noon on Monday with pretty good deer movement most of the time. Had a real pretty 8 point cruising around 8am then a nice 10 behind a doe at 9. I hunted all day yesterday in big hardwoods and it was slower than I would have thought. Not much at all for cruising bucks but did see that same nice 8 from the day before with some does around 1:45pm.

I'm in the same boat as a few of you guys. For me, I tend to see younger bucks making the rounds the first week of November and the last 5 years or so I've been liking the second and third week of November better. Good luck everyone!
Very active in Minnesota this morning. 17 deer, 7 bucks, 1 shooter (100 yds out) hope to get him this afternoon... fun !!
I’ve basically hunted since 830 (took half hour to eat no drive to next place) n I haven’t even seen a deer apparently I lied yesterday the 2 days prior I had bucks chasein does all over Idk what’s going on today but the wind changed so I had to move property’s here’s goes nothing!!

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SW Iowa slow this am with 2 bucks (1 young and 1 older) and a doe and 2 fawns. Wind changed and has picked up. Going to an observation stand as I still haven't seen a buck I want to shoot yet.
I had an odd hunt this morning. First light revealed a forky, a pair of 3 yr olds and a 5 yr old 12 pt stud..8" split brows, all of them mingling together around one doe. There was some pushing and shoving, but no all out brawl. I was watching the group in open alfalfa from 120 yds , and THREE HOURS LATER they had moved MAYBE 100 yds! Then around 915 for no apparent reason, like a woman late for a hair appointment, the doe bolted away across the open field. The 3 bigger bucks followed close while the forky just stared. Through the binoculars I swear he shed a tear. I've never seen anything quite so weird on Nov 6th.. Forky wandered off. I crawled down and rubbed my head on a tree for a bit and then went to work.
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Saw three really nice bucks this morning and a bunch of forks. Not one doe. Bucks were cruising. They took a trail downwind and exited the area. I’m still learning the travel routes on my place. Good lessons learned this morning.

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Hunted this morning, froze my tail off. Had a 3 y.o. 10 that I haven't seen before cruise by just before 9, then again an hour later. And that was it. Got out of the tree at 11:30 because we had to work cattle this afternoon. Kinda scratched my head all the way back to the truck wondering where all the deer were. Decided to take a drive around the section and saw a good buck with his head to the ground zigging and zagging across the CRP. Thought that was a positive development.

We didn't finish up with calves until late this afternoon so didn't go sit but did go for a drive. Bucks EVERYWHERE. Couple of them were mature. Chasing. The works. I think a switch has flipped.
Daylight to dark sit yesterday. 5 buck sightings - 4 different bucks. Nothing to get excited over.
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