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I need some help I have used code blue and code red and I haven't gotten a single buck to give two cares about it. What is the best scent out there besides shooting a doe in heat and bottling my own? Thanks for the comments. I am taking all next week off and need to buy supplies.
no scent is the best scent IMO. I was just discussing this with a buddy of mine. The way I see it, in order for scent to work properly, you have to be hunting a wrong wind. The only deer that will smell it will need to be down wind of you.
i agree with 180 class no scent. I know that they work on just the right day with the right buck but all you are doing with the wrong day wrong wind is educating them. I havent used any scent for the last 25yrs.
I would also like some advice. I used to experiment with different kind of scent and brands, and have actually brought in many bucks using them just not any shooters. I haven't hunted with any scents for about 3 seasons now, b/c of the fact people say it does more harm than good. But I'm maybe thinking about trying something new this year. See I hunt in bottomland with bluffs/hills all around me overlooking a 4 acre clover plot. Bucks tend to cross the field in search of does bedding up on the hillsides. I have a enclosed hunting blind b/c of the fact that the wind tends to swirl in the bottoms( u couldn't hunt that field if u didn't have the hunting house) so what I guess I'm trying to say is if the deer can't smell me. What harm would I be causing by using doe scent? I also think it might bring bucks in from the ridges down to the field.
In 35 yrs of deer hunting I have had more bad than good responses using scent. I feel like 180 the best scent would be going downwind of you ie the deer winding you with the scent and educating them to your stand and also it could be alerting them that the hot scent and human are together. Just my 2/c worth
I've never really understood the use of scent. The object is for the deer to be upwind of you. Now if you Hang a wick 30 yards upwind of you. More than likely a buck will be far downwind of you before he smells it, hence smelling you and being gone long before you ever know that he just busted you. Huge waste of money in my opinion
I will take a leak in every scrape I find though. And have made mock scrapes with tinks powerscrape with great results. Just for trail cam pics though. Have never hunted over any type of scent
I use to try it all.. Only one time did it work and the deer came in while it was still dark and I was still settling into my stand. Never had a single deer pay any attention to it that came by in the day. No scent is my preference. I do use coon pee and spray the tree above my head just in case the wind swirils, but that's it..

Might be more useful when using a decoy. Seen a thread on here recently that guys use it then..
Every time I make a drag line with doe in heat and a doe comes across it she gets all spooky. I don't why and spooky does equal spooky bucks. I started using just doe p seems to work better.
I always drag a scent trail perpendicular to the way the wind is blowing. This way a buck may smell the scent trail and come to it before he gets directly downwind of me. Then I hang a scent wick 20 yards from my stand at the end of the trail and if all goes as planned, they follow the scent trail on a string all the way up to the wick and never get directly downwind of me. And yes, this has worked for me before. It doesn't work that way very often but when it does, it is worth it.
When i walk in i spray nose hammer on my boots i made a mock srape 20 yards from my stand I've had several small bucks come in and work it over they last time i was it i dripped some does pee in it
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