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Sight recommendations?

Spot hog. Over 25 yards I recommend getting one with the third axis leveling. Great sights. Your getting what you pay for with them.
Spot Hogg. Many options. Can get different pin sizes choose your own colors. Worth the money will be the last one you will need to buy.
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I have only great things to say about Spot Hogg, believe they have a few fixed pin models to choose. Very solid, dependable, long lasting product in my opinion
I really love my 5 pin Trophy Ridge React...I have heard a lot of good things about the spot hog just never used it myself. Call me lazy I guess but I like sighting in at 20 & 30 and letting the rest fall into place.
Brian811 said:
Black Gold. Bright pins and tough sights and even better customer service

I agree. Have had to. Tried a CBE between them and pin brightness sucked. Never needed a light or felt the need for one with BG.
I bought a new one this summer as well. I went with the Black Gold Pure. It's a 5 pin fixed with your bottom becoming a floater and can adjust to the exact yardage all the way out near 100 yards. It was a big change for me but has seemed to work pretty slick so far. I got mine at Scheels and guys there were talking it up big time. Went to go get it sighted in at one of the local archery shops and the gentleman who runs the shop had the exact same sight. That re-assured me I made a good decision. Good luck
Lots of good choices. If you want Spott Hogg quality without the cost look at the Sword Archery sights. I have been using them for 8-10yrs, great sights and off the shelf bright (no adding of stupid fiber wraps, etc.)
I was in the market for a new sight a few years ago and shopped and shopped and shopped and did even more research. Back then, I couldn't justify the price of the Spott Hogg to my wife, but my pro shop down here put me on to Black Gold. I'll have to look at what model it is, but it was a basic (mid-grade) 5 pin sight. Its probably closest to today's Rush model. It may sound hokey, but I love the photochromatic feature that dulls your pins in high light situations. I've also had light to my pins before I could see the elk I was after. I have several friends who have the BG Ascent and love it. I absolutely love my BG. Rather than spending the money to upgrade, I had a 6th pin installed. I had one issue with the photochromatic piece, and their customer service was great. It will be hard to get me to switch to anything else!
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