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Sligh Buck Down

Beautiful deer Skip. Love the fact you waited until he was 5. My experience has been the same this year. Many deer didn't grow that much, but it's still satisfying knowing we gave them a chance to do it. Congrats.
INTERESTING UPDATE.... I had actually known about this buck for much longer than I had realized! Found "a 4 year old's sheds" 2 springs ago we had followed. The following year he "disappeared - never to be seen again". We kept saying, man, he's 5 and where did he go. I kept passing up a "4 year old" with a bunch of splits that was about 165-170 or so. Well, fast forward, my bro was looking at sheds and all the sudden put this together and matched up with the buck I got this year. 100% it's the same deer (right next to it you'd see it in 2 seconds) and he simply grew all the splits and didn't dawn on me. So, I was wrong on aging the deer - he was 5 last year and from the stand I never put 2+2 together. I was constantly looking for a heavy regular 10 point 5 year old. Well, he fooled me and I officially killed the 6 year old that was under my nose many previous years. He grew some more splits & a little more length since last year, maybe 10-15" of growth or so - not a ton like sometimes but a little bigger. I'm sure 20 years from now I'll continue to misjudge sometimes, make a few mistakes and realize I have a lot longer history with certain bucks than I thought. The shed is a very heavy 4 year old, the pic does not do it justice, it's a very nice shed and very heavy, when you hold it, you almost think it could be a 5 year old but we know with history he's 4 at that time. I was kinda glad to see the buck was a 6.5 year old.

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Nice deer you got there Skip! It's always nice to make those realizations. The same kind of thing happened to me on one of the bucks I killed last year.. Several months after I shot him, I had the rack sitting next to a few sheds on the floor and I looked over while I was watching TV one day and it hit me and I realized one of those sheds was his from when he was 2.
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