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Smoking and pickling carp/buffalo


They're spawning here and the boy wants to shoot some. I need some SIMPLE smoking and pickling recipes for both carp and buffalofish. Also prep for pickling, is it just chunking them into bite sized pieces and cutting thru the bone? The vinegar dissolves the bones right? When they're sealed in jar you don't actually pressure cook them do you?
I've never pickled them, but we used to smoke them. We treated them similar to salmon. We would filet them leaving the scales on, and would generally just season them with salt and pepper or lemon pepper. When they were done the meat would flake off the scales, and bones. It's been probably 20 years since I've done it, but I think it was that simple.
I gotta agree with kratz !!!!! I remember as a teenager catching some & the Asian fishermen around noticing I through them back ….. “we ruv those!!! Don’t tro dose back. Day r dericious”. So I’d give them all to them. I couldn’t eat em. :)
When I was in college I used to give all the carp and even gar to an Asian man in town who owned a Chinese restaurant. He’s trade me a free meal from time to time. Tough times.

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