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Some traditional archery pics


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"From The Ashes" This bow was broke in three pieces a couple weeks before turkey season. Fixed the bow and shot my turkey with it.

Another old longbow in the stable.

Out "Stumping" with "The Phoenix". I've rebuilt this bow twice. The first time was putting a hickory backing on it, then this spring, reducing the weight.

Shooting my Dan Quillian long bow.

Just picked this one up about a month ago. Will probably be the go to bow for hunting seasons this fall.

A couple ash and a cedar staves I will try to make bows from as time permits.

Bamboo arrows. Nocks are from deer antler.
As always, fantastic pics! Very cool stuff! I love shooting my compound, but I would like to get a longbow sometime just to play with.
Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Have you seen Dean Torge's videos on making bows?
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