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Started the new year with a bang.


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It had been kind of slow year with not a lot of shooters showing up on the cams or spotted when out hunting. So I did not have a lot of hope heading out on the 1st but with the snow, cold, and some food left you just never know what shows up. A few does were in the plot feeding along with some smaller bucks when what looked like a good one stepped out of the wood line. He was about 100 yards out and I could tell as soon as I got him in the scope that he had a great big frame and some junk around his bases. That was all I needed to see. At the shot his front shoulders dropped and he was already struggling getting back to the timber. I gave him about 20 minutes and headed over to check it out. He only made it 40 yards before expiring. The 270 grain Parker pretty much exploded his heart.
I was shocked when I got to him and got my first look. There was no ground shrinkage he grew a lot! He ended up being my biggest buck ever.

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Great buck! Huge congrats! You never know what's gonna show up for food when it gets nasty out. I see more new bucks then than during the rut. Nice weapon too! A 100 yards is is pretty much a for real "Chip Shot" with that one.:rolleyes:
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