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Stringleach connects again!


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Gregg asked me to post these pics and he can fill you in on the story. Congrats on another great one!!



thanks again Nick for posting these. I tried with last years buck and the pic ended up being about an inch in diameter.. and thanks for the replies. i must say that God has truly blessed me in my Iowa hunts. the memories i have made there are awesome and some of the guys i've met on here have been truly alot of the reason i keep going back. Plus the great deer there. This actually is redemption from last year when i hunted the whole 7 days of my hunt and got my buck the last hour, this year the opposite, i hunted one hour exactly and had my deer, bittersweet in that i looked forward to a great week of hunting but awesome in that this is my best deer to date. I got to Iowa Sunday afternoon with the plan to just go over some google maps with my buddy Mike from down there who I have mentioned before on here, we were gonna strategize from the google maps and than hit the woods monday to set some stands. That changed on Sat nite when I got a call from Mike stating that he had gone into an area that we hunted before that has been kinda quiet the last couple years. MIke was in there Sat and said he jumped a brute with a wide white rack and some stickers. Mike said there was decent sign in there and we should check it out. I went back on google and found a pinch a little to the east of where Mike was and decided that would be a good spot to check out. Needless to say i got there Sunday around 12 and by 1 we were headed into the spot. We got Mikes stand set and than went to the area I checked out on google, there was some pretty good sign there with a bunch of crisscrossing trails and some scrapes and a few fresh rubs so I set up there. The area was bad for trees for my climber but I did find a small ash that I was able to set up in. We planned to be in there way before daylight to beat the heat that was coming. Monday at 0530 we were headed in and by 6:30 I was set up just enjoying the beautiful morning. I was a little bit discouraged with the upcoming heat wave predicted but decided i wasn't going to let it get to me, The woods were quiet and only a few squirrels were running around so around 7:20 I decided to rattle a little bit,i did just a short sequence and grunted a couple times and put my stuff away thinking that with the heat it might have not been the smartest move. I had that thought for about 3 minutes when I looked up and saw this guy coming down the ridge towards me, he was just taking his time and working his way right downwind of me where i expected him to blow up and get out of there.Instead he went onto the one trail that i didnt want anything to take with the southwind and moved right toward me. Initially i didnt think i was going to take him as i always want to one up the buck the year before but as he got closer i could tell he was better so i drew when he got behind a oak and when he stepped out he stopped in one opening about 18 yards. I center punched him and ran off about 40 yards to stop and look back. When he did I could see the blood pouring out the entry hole, (thanks Rage). He tipped over right there. i dont believe he was alive 10 seconds after the shot which im thankful for. This is the first buck that ive walked up to and didnt notice any ground shrinkage and i just had to get on me knees and thank God for such a beautiful buck. I didnt say anything to anyone but i was really praying for a non typical as i hadnt ever got one and this one fits the bill for me. I also cant thank MIke and another fellow Iowawhitetail member JOhn rude for there help. John worked a 12 hour shift that nite and he texted me about 7:45 and asked me if i made it down. i told him i did and was standing over my buck, he came right to the area and helped me cart this guy out of one of those marvelous ravines the area is well known for, I cant thank him and Mike enough for there help. And last but certainly not least I want to thank IW, it was pretty rough last few years with my health issue and all and i know a lot of you guys prayed for me, im still hanging in there and appreciate all those prayers more than you all know, again thanks to all and good luck the rest of the season to all of you. Im not a score keeper when it comes to my bucks but hes a 13 pointer with a double g3 and some stickers.. i bet he scores mid 40 but dont really care, hes got a home on my wall.
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