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Super Nova and 887


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Bought an 887 and had to return it due to a malfunction issue. Picked up another 887 and all seems ok so far.

Does anyone have experience with the Benelli Nova or Super Nova?

Any advice would be appreciated.
I've got the super nova. They are pretty bullet proof, if you can get past the looks of them. The only thing I've ever had happen is after a ton of pheasant hunting without cleaning, some of the weed seeds get into the trigger assembly and cause it not to cycle shells correctly. A quick bath in hot soapy water and blowout with a compressed air nozzle and pick always solved the problem.

Like I said, if you can get past the looks, it's a great gun. My gun shop always said, "she may not be the prettiest girl on the dance floor, but the dance floor aint where it counts."
Have a regular Nova and my son uses it for a lot of water fowling so it gets drug thru a lot of crap and keep on going. Just clean and shoot.
Went with the Nova and a Slug barrel. Couldn't justify the additional cost for the super nova.

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I had the regular Nova for a while. It worked well but the recoil is real heavy with it. I thought I could take recoil from most anything but I didnt like it for that reason. It seemed bulky too. It didnt really fit me well. Im average size 5'8". They make a recoil reducer for those that fits up in the butt stock. Its like anything else some say it works and some say it doesnt
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