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Survivors!!! (Well almost)…

Last one reminds me of a buck I passed several years ago, was a great 3 year old, all over my farm, crossed my fingers he made it through rifle season. He did, almost no pressure in my area after rifle season, so I was sure he'd be a target the next year. Then on December 24th got smoked by UPS truck driver crossing off my property at dark! Survived orange army, couldn't beat huge brown truck. In the Buck's defense my UPS truck driver, is a freaking maniac driver around Christmas time.

Some light at the end of the tunnel that was this crappy fall. The 3 biggest bucks made it through shotgun season. I had a couple other good ones show up during the rut that hopefully stick around. I'll leave cams up for another month, and hopefully some more show up.
I pulled my cameras right before Christmas, we hadnt had a buck on camera for 2 weeks, and not seeing much at all from the yard plots..... but, the flip side is, up here in North Central, its been super mild and most are out in fencerows and in the open, might be a tough year shed hunting....
This weekend will be the last big threat for the youngsters to make it another year. The weather looks good which is bad news.
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