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Tackett scores a good one


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Tackett got this buck in youth firearms season this past weekend. Crazy part is that it could have been a bow kill. Tackett was on the ground on a bucket. Saw his rack coming slowly. He was eating buck brush. Tackett did a 180 on the bucket and turned around. Said he was thinking the whole time I could draw right now as he is behind all this brush. He walked out at 30 yards. Tackett “merped” and he stopped and looked around but never looked at him, wasn’t spooked very relaxed and he hit him with my old 7 mag.
All the bow hunting we have done for him and he gets him standing calm at 30 yards……..with a rifle. Oh well. We are very happy to have gotten him. I put him at 3 or 4 and probably would have been taken in rifle anyway. He just wasn’t overly cautious yet. Blessed greatly!!!!

Congrats Tackett!!!! That’s one heck of a monster you gonna be proud of for rest of your life!!!!! Awesome!

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