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The mercy kill of White-Sox- Shed post kill


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After long deliberation, I decided to take out a deer I called white-sox. He had a white stripe above each of his feet, thus the name. He was hobbling around pretty good and his shoulder ended up being infected from an apparent expandable broadhead.

Not a giant, but I thought it was the ethical thing to do and he is still a solid deer at 139".

The main reason I am posting this is to show how is antlers popped right off after grabbing ahold of him. I am sure he was going to shed early from the stress/infection. I thought it was kind of comical. (To the internet police he was tagged before moving )


Does a person tag the shed or the leg on such an animal???? You did him a favor.
I'd assume that because a shed buck is considered antlerless, you'd tag the leg. I suppose you could call it in and report it, write your numbers down, then put that part of the tag on the leg, and the main part on the antler. I fresh shed buck is pretty obvious, an I'm sure a DNR officer would have a certain level of understanding.
He is a fine buck. Last new years day the antlers popped off the buck I shot, no apparent injuries though,
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