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thumb release?


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Wanting to try a thumb release and use with back tension. I don't think I want the finger hole style. I am leaning toward 4 finger instead of 3. I shoot a spot Hogg now and the whipper snapper looks decent. Have heard good things about Carter and stan's. Think I would want one that would stay attached to the string. Any thoughts on styles and brands?
Can't really go wrong with a carter. I have a couple Chocolate Addictions that I like. I like both the 3 and 4 finger models.
I've been shooting Carter target 4+ for the last 6-8 years and they have never given me any troubles. A friend of mine recently wanted to upgrade from his cheaper thumb trigger and he ended up with a stan. I don't think you can go wrong with Carter or stan. Try to find a shop that has enough on stock to see what feels best in your hand
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