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Turkey buck


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I had this buck chase a doe past me 3 weeks ago and couldn't get him stopped. this morning he came through shortly after daylight. He was coming up a hill out of a draw and walking pretty much directly at my tree. He caught me drawing my bow causing him to stop and look up at me. It was too late though, at full draw and 15 yards I put one in his chest and sent him on the death run. I was literally hunting 25 yards from my aunts yard. Upon impact the buck bolted through her barbed wire pasture fence busting the top two strands then turned 90 degrees and busted through another fence busting the top two strands once again. He stumbled and died about 40 yards from my aunts pool in the backyard. After fixing a little fence we were able to drag him about 80 yards to the truck!




No pass through. Broad head lodged in a rib down in the bottom of his belly. Broke my arrow in two and I had to pull the broad head end out carefully while field dressing.
Nice buck! Looking at the entry hole and the video, my arrow would have surely buried into that sapling instead of his chest. Nice shot.
There was a little 'thread the needle' but it wasn't as extreme as the camera angle makes it look.
I shot one about the same angle several years ago, he didn't go far either. Great deer, loved the story!
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