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Two Different Tree Stand Projects


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This year I did a couple different improvement to my tree stands. The goal is to increase the grip, limit the edges and soften the noise and to give a personal touch with one method.


The early season stand was quick and easy to fix up. I purchase Slayer Tape from LWCG and cut the pieces to length and with a sharp knife cut all the sections out and folded it over. The tape has a rubber texture and I like the grip it give when handling the stand.


The second mod I chose to use paracord and do the cobra weave on my larger stand. I bought 650 lb cord from Amazon.


It takes about one foot of cord for every inch to weave. I broke the stand into three different sections so I wouldn’t have to fight 70 some feet of cord when weaving.

I watched a video on YouTube about 100 times before starting and one night I gave it a shot. I did about 10 inches and had it all messed up. Every loop has to alternate as the cord is wrapped through. I said the heck with it and quit. The next day with a fresh mind I tore the wrap off and started again. The whole stand took around 4 hours and I had to walk away several times from brain freeze.

If I was to do it again I wouldn’t use 650 cord because due to the size of the cord I couldn’t get the weave nice and tight like I wanted. The next smaller size is 550 cord but 420 lb cord would be the best IMO for a nice tight and close weave.




I’ve even seen some guys taking the inner cord out and then wrapping.


I’ll hunt with it this fall and if I don’t like it it’ll be easier to take off then putting it on.
Here’s the link to the video I used.

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