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Various Hunting Blinds for Sale


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Due to sponsorship issues the owner is selling these blinds.

Snipers blind with base: $2,250/ea QTY 2

Sniper blind with base w/ new metal roof: $2,500

Radix Monarch on 10' tower: $500/ea QTY 2 (Could use new covers, but functional)

Blind 1.jpg

Blind 2.jpg
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Are any of the Sniper blinds at least 6x6? Do they include the insulation kit?


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I'm interested in knowing more information. Location ? Age of the blinds? Also how are they shooting a bow out of?
southern Clarke co. Few years old but in pretty good shape. Chad bought the wagon sniper and can probably chime in.

They seemed solid enough for us to purchase the trailer sniper blind. Very good condition. Has a creative window darkening system that makes the interior much darker than the Redneck we have. My only concern is if the forward facing window will be low enough to shoot a bow out of. We’ll see this fall.

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Another blind available. One man mobile gun blind. Siding could use some TLC. Rest is solid. Real vinyl slider windows. $400
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