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What was your best buck day (numbers) this fall.?

I think 5 in one day is most for me this year. Never really caught a great action day.
Slow and steady. That was this hunting season. I never had any “insane days” I can recall. Heck “best day” was mid nov & shot the 7 year old but - I’ll admit- that was a “slow day”. Think I saw 3-4 does and maybe 2-3 Bucks.
“On Fire” when I was a kid- If u saw 2 Bucks in a sit- whoa, that was crazy!!! :)
Bow season, day before I shot my buck I saw 11 different bucks, 2 shooters. Same stand the next day I put down a giant.

Illinois late season, saw 8 bucks, 2 shooters.
I reviewed my rut camera data and here are the days that stand out for higher than ave daylight buck activity of 3.5 and older bucks.

Farm 1 North MO: 10/31, 11/8, and 11/22

Farm 2 North MO: 11/1, 11/7, 11/10
November 6th - don't remember exact number but pry 15ish by 10am. Nothing mature. Didn't see the first mature buck till November 24th I believe. Got my first shot opportunity at a mature buck the evening before gun season.
In Minnesota the best day was 11 bucks, mostly younger, and a total of 30 deer. One of those rare cold October evenings when literally every deer was moving.
Best dates for 4.5+ bucks on camera were 10/29 and 11/10. The only 4.5 buck I saw in the stand was on 10/29 and 11/26 (same buck). He also showed on camera 12/16. Best date for number of deer was 12/16 with 15 or so antlerless in the field at once or 1/7 with the same number of does and bucks combined. Only November rut action was a 3.5 cruising thru on 11/12. Had a couple 3.5 or younger lightly sparring for a couple minutes on 1/7.
November 12 for me this year. I think around 10 different bucks.

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October 28th I saw 5 bucks in the 120-135 range; maybe one was a 5 year old, the rest were 3 or 4. Other than that no day really stood out for buck movement, but I only had a handful of 5+ year old bucks to chase this year so that factors in.
Nov. 16. I picked out a site that was only 400 yards off a class B road in a public area, but I had never sat in this stand. On that Thursday, I sat all day and saw 36 deer, of which at least nine were bucks, four were mature and I came to full draw on two (one didn't stop and one busted me at less than 10 yards).
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