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When are you taking vacation to hunt?


I have seen zero rubs and only 2 scrapes in all my hunting areas. And I have not seen any rut activity yet.

I will either take vacation and hunt the 3rd -11th or the 7th - 13th if things are not real hot this weekend.

What are your thoughts? What are you taking off?
Vacation?? What is vacation? I only wish I had the ability to take more than 1 or 2 days off at a time.

I have seen very little rut activity and others say it has chasing grunting and even some breeding. This isnt really unusual. I would hope for the cool weather to continue and wait for November 3rd time slot but then again I would go whenever because you never know when they will be moving
Hopefully things will be good for thanksgiving break unfortunately you can't take vacation from college. Will be hunting hard the 16th through the 25th. You guys think things will still be moving well?
2nd-12th I'll be in a tree and I'm not coming down until I send a good one to the promised land. I try to hunt the first 2 weeks of November every year. In our area that's when it seems to be the best.
Retired, Hunt whenever I want I will do some all day sits next week. Haven't seen to much activity yet have seen more mature bucks early and late no chasing tho.
No sign cause when they are dead they only leave a big smelly spot................. EHD was harder than what the reports say!
I'll start hunting hard this week. Start sitting all day Nov 4 through the 15, then lay low and rest up with the occasional hunt. Hit it hard again a couple days before Thanksgiving, and especially my favorite time....From Thanksgiving to the end.
Vacation for me begins the Thursday the 1st at 3pm! Off through the 5th and then taking another 3 day the next weekend. Sittin all day, every sit this weekend!
I'm on right now through the weekend. Seeing a lot of deer activity. Especially in the morning. Witnessed an awesome buck fight between a couple of 130 class bucks yesterday. Lots of smaller bucks cruising around. The bucks are checking does, but not doing a lot of chasing yet. Did have a mid 150's buck at 47 yards early this morning, but thats a little further than what I am comfortable shooting. I hope the action keeps up all week!
Have not even been out yet! damn rib injury! anyways, im off nov.3rd-nov18th. CANT WAIT!!! My area the Buck movement has been awesome from what my brother has seen.
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