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Where Do I Begin

Congrats!!! He is a TOAD! Only one problem i see with the situation... Those would be some nice sheds to pick up ;)
Glad it paid off to keep after him Bill:way: Did you find any sign of an old injury?

Good luck on short tined 10
Caped him out tonight and was checked over while cutting meat and no injuries just from 3 weeks ago. This buck isn't from our farm. I have no history at all from him. No sheds at all. Must have come in during the summer months and decided not to leave.
Way to go Bill! That is a neat looking deer. I would hate to be the short-tined ten with you on his trail! Congrats again buddy! :way:
And yeah, I love the fact that you make it happen on a small number of acres. Just goes to show that it is truly quality over quantity. Congrats again :way:

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