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Wolf in Northern Iowa??

Guthrie Center, northern iowa? As for your question, anything is possible. Haven’t heard of anything yet. Watch TBI’s page, I’m sure they’ll have something there if it’s true.
I am from the area and the picture shows a guy holding what look like a wolf. Called in North of Springbrook and shot with a thermal scope. DNR has it now.
Hmmm...I don't know. But I am almost 100% certain that a wolf was shot down near Keosauqua about 3-4 years ago. Mistaken as a coyote. This article says Buchanan County, but the one I know of would be in Van Buren I think.
Yes, I was able to see that one in person and get some pics with it. I believe it was over towards Milton. (This pic was from Jan. 2016- not sure exactly when shot)


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