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Worthy of consideration?

ACLU will climb all over this one. It sure makes sense to all working, drug-free people. Bet it doesn't get out of committee.
I am all for it, it kills me that for many jobs nowadays you have to pass a drug test, but to receive free money from the state, you don't!
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This should be enacted about as quickly as profiling mental health cases, but hell... I'm not sensitive to the needs of these people :rolleyes:
Easy way to balance the budget, deny welfare to anyone failing a drug test and our country would be "in the black" within a month. Lets get this passed and started ASAP.
It should be required at any level, state and federal. And make the applicant PAY for their own drug test, that way when they fail no cost to the tax payers. I bet we would see a big drop off in welfare applications if they did.
Sounds great but in my opinion the crime rate would go up. They need to come up with something that makes those worthless bastards work, and better come up with it fast. They keep reproducing and there kids grow up thinking its normal just to sit around and collect money from the government. I would be more for something like as long as you are collecting money from the government you must get a birth control shot. I guess in my area the people that can't afford the kid they got, just keep having them and it is ridiculous. I know someone that works in the nearby school district and some of the stories about these kids are pretty sad and as long as they keep receiving checks it's just going to get worse.
My first thought was the crime rate also. In a way we are being held hostage by the welfare recipients; pay me now or pay me later, one way or the other I’m gonna get your money. “Either trough a hand out or through a crime, your money is mine”. Smacks of running scared, but like I said, my first thought was crime rate. My second thought was “don’t let yourself be a victim”. I doubt this bill will ever see the light of day, but I can dream, can’t I?
I'm all for drug testing. As for the spike in crime...that's not guaranteed. There's a high probability for that to occur, but no guarantee. It is certain to save money though. I say we do it and take our chances.
Speaking of legislation, you guys need to look at Garretts post and then call your reps
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