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Your go to knife.

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Here is one I received as a gift. Never felt the need to use it, but I think the locking mechanism is pretty cool.
Buck 110. Got one for x-mas in 1986. Lost it 1998 and my wife bought another as a replacement. So over 30 years with this as my only hunting knife (that I actually use). Bought an outdoor edge replaceable blade for an elk hunt this year and also carried it a few time deer hunting this fall. It is a great knife with the fold out gut/skinning blade...BUT every time I take I done hardly see game let alone get anything. Then I switch back to my buck and presto me or my kids get a nice buck like 4 out of 6 hunts! Damn thing is making me superstitious and I have infected my kids too. :eek::eek::eek: They make sure I have my "lucky" knife when we go out now.
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