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Hi Stickbow here. Name is Bob. I think our farms are close. Wondering if you are interested in selling any of the fence/posts you are removing? Thanks Bob
I'd be interested in more info on those blinds. Location? How old? How are they for shooting through windows with a bow?

I found a post in which you shared a picture of a clover plot, I believe May of 2020, it was from an area you cleared of pines and there was a dog in the picture (Lab I believe.) I was wondering what variety of clover was in that plot, seemed to be very upright and large leafed.
Ladino, I frost seeded, fertilized and limed late winter that year. That plot gets hit hard too, it's still going strong
Hey! did you build the gravity wagon deer blind? if so could you give me some dimensions of it, please?
Yeah. 5×10. Too big imo. Hard to see everywhere when solo.
Thanks, so did you just build the floor and then build the blind up from there
yes. There is a thread about it somewhere. step by step pics
If you still have Mossberg for sale I will come get it this weekend. If not before. Thinking of getting my 13 year old a Shotgun instead of having him shoot my muzzleloader
I replied on the post. It is just the barrel and scope. I do have the complete gun with the turkey barrel that I'd consider selling together, but that'd be a bit more than $200
I saw that you planted winter greens by whitetail institute on a prior post. Did you have good luck with them? Did they produce big bulbs? Any better than regular brassicas and turnips? I’m looking to plant them and curious as to what you thought of them. Thanks!
I love the winter greens because of the mix it has. Planting in early Aug has always produced baseball to softball size bulbs. Deer in my area love it. I may change it up this year and try their Beets and greens. Good luck!
Hi there,

I read your spring time project acc nd it sounds like uou might be selling some land?
Can you tell me how many a res as nd where if your looking to sell .

Hi steve. Saw your thread on crossbow. I have a barnett ghost 375 that i would sell. It is probably a higher end model than you are looking for. I have owned it for two years but only used it one season. It is a tack driver and shoots very fast. I have extra bolts for it, original box, and i have a hard case for it. I would need to look up what i paid and will work with you on price
Hey bud hope you are having a great season. I don't post pictures of the deer we kill, unless its my wife's. I wanted to say thanks for all the help and if you wanted to give me your phone number I would txt you a picture of the buck my daughter shot during early muzzleloader season. Its a slammer and her first deer.
I’ll buy the knight muzzleloader. You can call me or text at 515-509-3011. I have cash and am flexible to meet this week.
I see you have a 11-87 deer slug gun for sale. I am interested. I live in muscatine iowa questions ....
1.... is this a full rifled barrel ? No choke plug ?
2....is this gun a 2 3/4 and a 3 inch gun ?
3....does it come with a bird hunting barrel ?
I am going to Des Moines tomArrow saturday 11/30 maybe we could meet up along the way. My number is 701 -412-1395
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