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  1. Hardwood11
    Recently bought a farm in Western Iowa, closer to home and it should be good deer and turkey hunting.
  2. tracer
    Turkey time
  3. deep woods goat hunter
  4. Bemajo2000
    Bemajo2000 Justin128
    I do reproductions, and restoration. Are you looking to fix broken tines or recover the coloration?
  5. Justin128
    Anybody knows who does antler restoration?
  6. Hsmaross
    Hsmaross shedfreak15
    I have some quite large sheds that I inherited. Do you buy or know someone that does. Depending on price, I would be willing to part with them.
  7. tracer
    tracer Daron smith
    Hi Daron
    I read your post about your LINK-S issues. I'm a Spypoint Dealer in Ontario and a Sponsor on this Forum.
    Do all 4 cameras have the same problem ? What has the Tech line in Quebec suggested ?
    I would like to help you out if I can . Have they suggested updating the firmware? Have they giving you a
    RMA # to ship the cameras back ?

    Steve Mitchell,
    Whitetails Crossing
  8. QDM
  9. HorseDoctor
    Sure, be happy to give you an opinion...
  10. QDM
    QDM HorseDoctor
    Hi horsedoctor! I've been a member for a long time but don't post much. I was wondering if I could send you a pic of a buck from last weekend that has a large knot between his eyes. Was hoping you could weigh in with your expertise as to what may have caused it?
  11. tyeagerPA
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. My email is My name is Tyler Yeager. Cell 570-574-6040
  12. tyeagerPA
    Hi rack hunter, could you send me some specifics? I.e price, age structure, food plots, hunting pressure, trail cam pics, past kills? Etc
  13. DMarley83
    God , Family, Country
  14. DMarley83
  15. Aldoc
    Lifelong Deer Hunter
  16. rackhunter
    rackhunter tyeagerPA
    Hi there, I have 500 acres of highly managed ground in Van Buren County Iowa. That's a southern county of Iowa.
    This year for the first time I sold a hunt on our farm. The hunter is currently down and having the time of his life. He is from Tennessee.
    If you are still looking I would possibly be interested in doing this again.
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  17. Rjack
    Rjack nontyp
    Good luck
  18. Rjack
    Rjack nontyp
    Did you shoot a buck and doe? If so, it would be great to post the pics for the team 7 score.
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    2. nontyp
      Yes I did. I was just going to wait until after 1st shotgun and post them in case I upgrade my buck. I’ll be hunting Saturday-wednesday.
      Nov 27, 2017
  19. Rackaddict
  20. tracer
    Deer rifle week
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