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  1. cvadave
    cvadave cornfedkiller
    Wondering if you were on Hanks SML board talking about buying a Scout and having it converted.
  2. Jdubs
    Jdubs IowaBowHunter1983
    I assume you like your Radix. What do you like most and least if I can ask
  3. smithhunter1975
    Gun includes about $70 in rings/bases, looking for $500. I may have some hornady slugs that i will throw in for $5/box, less than 1/2 price
  4. shedfreak15
    shedfreak15 smithhunter1975
    Id be interested in ur savage 220 20 gauge
  5. Matthew Sanderson
    Matthew Sanderson
    Have some sheds and few small racks for sale southeast iowa
  6. madplotter
    madplotter Arrowsmith1
    Great looking build. How many acres did you end up with? My folks were considering this same thing. They did not want to spend over $120k. Do you think they could get something built like this for that price?
  7. Tim Henrich
    Tim Henrich
    Always thinking whitetails!
  8. ConjureLand1
    Co-Owner of Conjure Land & Wildlife Management. We can help you with QDMA on your property.
  9. ConjureLand1
  10. ConjureLand1
    Co-Owner of Conjure Land and Wildlife Management out of Van Meter, Iowa. We can help you with QDMA practices on your land.
  11. wildcatcrazy
    wildcatcrazy 2.5YR8
    Thanks. I just spent 3 days walking and scouting areas around Chariton. Didn't put out any cameras this time but i intend to the first week of Oct. Way too much water up there right now. I couldn't get to half of the areas that I wanted to scout. The B level roads were impassible as well!
    1. 2.5YR8
      It hasn't gotten any drier. The next week looks pretty wet.
      Jun 21, 2019
  12. Fishbonker
    Get off my lawn!!!!!
  13. wildcatcrazy
    wildcatcrazy 2.5YR8
    Noticed that your trail pics were labeled "public land" Quick you have a problem with theft? I am coming up the end of the month to do some scouting and intended to hang a couple cameras. I will be back in early Oct. to scout and possibly hang a few more cameras. Just curious how big of a problem trail cam theft is on the public ground? Thanks in advance!
    1. 2.5YR8
      It depends. This was the 3rd yr. I've had cams out on public. I've had no issues, but I can also count on 1 hand the number of people I've gotten pics of on this property. My brother put cams on a different property this year, and his cams disappeared in the 1st month.
      Mar 22, 2019
  14. Rjack
    Rjack Ishi
    Saw your buck at the classic. Very impressive!
    1. Ishi likes this.
    2. Ishi
      Thanks Rjack
      Mar 1, 2019
  15. C Chrest
    C Chrest
    I found 1st fresh shed of year on 1st walk last Sunday here in eastern Iowa. Not sure how to post pics yet.
  16. C Chrest
    C Chrest
    1st time posting on forum. I plan on helping your shed count this year. Hope I won't disappoint. Be patient with me til I figure out posting
  17. Obsessed
    Obsessed isu22andy
    My original message has been edited, but you get the gist.
  18. Obsessed
    Obsessed isu22andy
    If this topic is that important to you that you really want a waiver, feel free to PM me back and we can have a civil conversation about it.
    Tagged Out!!!
  20. tracer
    Deer hunting
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