Canadian Deer hunting quality gone down hill?

Discussion in 'Whitetail Management' started by Sligh1, May 27, 2019.

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    over the last year I’ve gotten to talk to a lot of folks that travel all over for Whitetails. As a kid- I watched a few of these guys on tv hunt all over & Canada was one of the great places. Speaking with maybe half dozen folks like that & then over the last few weeks my NR neighbors had told me their experiences in Canada.
    Small representation or sample group BUT I heard a common thread “in the last 5-15 years (depends on who u talk to), the amount of the best 2-4 years shot on outfitted hunts has gone up dramatically and top end has dropped drastically”. Kind of like Pike co IL over the last 20 years. Both Canada & Pike co IL, at some point- represented the highest quality & true chance at an absolute fully mature slob. IL I’ve followed & hunted for years & understand that. I was surprised to hear this about Canada!!!
    Is there any truth to this? I fully realize it’s a HUGE place and no one can paint with that broad a brush, but overall - have any of you heard the same? With Canada promoting big whitetails for decades & bringing in hunters a large part of some local economies - I guess it makes sense. At the same time- it’s crazy to think 500,000 acre forests are getting pounded like that but with fewer deer & concentrated on bait- I spose it’s possible.
    With probably, who knows, 50-200 times the forest that Iowa has- if it’s true that CANADA’S quality has been hindered by increased pressure & targeting of young good gen bucks- more to think about with what could happen to Iowa with the wrong moves.
    I’m gonna say it’s been a dozen informed guys over the last year with this general feeling on quality degradation in Canada. For the rest of u that have any insight- what’s ur take? Reasons for it if so? Still my dream hunt someday but disappointed with what I’ve heard.
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    We've kind of discussed this on IW happening in Iowa already. Reverse Darwinism! I would be shocked that an area that large could be generally ALL going downhill in quality. But what I have heard on the mulies in Canada is that there is more resident pressure than there once was even with a resident draw. Guessing whitetails could be the same???
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    Idk about that. I suppose that may be the case in certain areas where outfitters are everywhere. There are huge areas that are not open to nonresidents though. And in some cases, like in Saskatchewan, there are certain hunts that aren’t even open to canadian residents that are not Saskatchewan residents. I saw a bunch of 200” whitetail mounts and sheds just being up there for a week. My thought was if anywhere can give Iowa a run for its money, it’s Saskatchewan.

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