Colorado Hunters Beware......

Discussion in 'Hunting Out of State' started by bowman, Dec 9, 2019.

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    Hey guys, the push for introducing wolves into Colorado has been gaining momentum and it will now be going to a ballot vote in reasonably near future for Colorado residents. If you hunt Colorado, or know people who enjoy their recreational activities in Colorado, listen to this podcast and educate yourself. Then work educate those in Colorado that have a vote. The podcast talk is between Randy Newburg and Corey Jacobsen who had wolves reintroduced into their states. They give their educated perspective and explain the realities of what happens with the benefit of hindsight.

    The problem with putting this to a public vote is that 90% of the people voting don't really know what is best for wildlife or care what is best for the hunting heritage. As with most issues that pertain to wildlife in any state, these topics are best left in the hands of the biologist that are paid by the state to do what is best for wildlife as a whole. These biologists are well educated and not led by an emotional or irrational agenda. Time to let them do their jobs!! (In Iowa too!)
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    The Wolves are already there, the more wolves the more diseases they'll bring in.
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    Not sure I'd totally agree with your last several sentences! It may or may not be true.

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