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Discussion in 'Trail Cams' started by Thedeerhunter, Jun 20, 2018.

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    I just wanted to post my findings with these newer cuddeback cameras. I personally buy the cheaper cameras because they end up stolen in the end most often before they stop working. In the past I used cuddeback ambush and attack cameras almost exclusively as I found them very reliable. I could leave the d battery models in operation for six months at a time with no problems minus the occasional camera that would wear out. AA battery cameras on lithium’s ran even longer

    With the way the cameras have gotten cheaper and cheaper over the years I find it makes a lot more sense to run 30 50$ cameras vs 3 500$ cameras. Just in a numbers game point of view. I use them strictly on public land so I plan to lose a couple every year...only lost one last year!
    Had over 100 shooters located and I know I would never accomplish that with just a few expensive cams not to mention the sting of losing an expensive model

    Any how in the past I could pull 4000 pictures a month over a salt pile with the old cuddebacks.....set on a true 5 second days with there new f series cameras which use the same camera body as the old ones I have noticed a serious drop off of the cameras ability to pile up pictures. I’m very familiar with their products so I began to troubleshoot this issue as all my newest cameras don’t add up many pictures.

    I turned few of the cameras on to operate mixing a few new ones and a few older models all set to the same delay settings and sat behind while they counted down and activated. I then proceeded to wave my hand in front of them while looking at the screens to see when they go off. Well all of them instantly take a picture and then new ones just sit in a arming mode and simply won’t take any more pictures until I take my hand away entirely for a long period of time. They do not take a picture every five seconds as they are set. These cameras will let you wave your hand in front of them for an hour if you’d sit there that long only to take the first picture and not rearm until you stop. The older cameras which all still have the original firmware go off instantly and then repeatedly every 5 seconds

    I have 14 of these same new model cameras so I’m positive they are all this way.

    I highly recommend their older models and took somewhere around 300,000 pictures on 16 cameras last season with no complaints

    Now the funny part. I actually called cuddeback and hoped since I’ve been a life long loyal customer as I explained to them, that they would supply me with the old firmware that I have on my 20 older cameras(all still work). The woman that was handling my complaint laughed and put me thru to her manager ...which was just a voicemail that was never returned .

    Sad part is that these affordable cams actually would do the job if the company would take feedback from their customers and take things into consideration

    I should say these cams do have fap as possible mode.....which takes a pic about every 2 seconds.

    Only problem with that is 10000 pictures a month = full cards and missed pictures

    This is a firmware issue not a sensor or anything else
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    Good info to know, I too run several cams. I was a big cuddieback fan in the day. I now run several Browning and Colverts. For what it's worth, the customer service with both of these brands have been great over the last 4 or 5 yrs. For me being a couple hundred miles from my land, I can't afford to have a cam fail if I can avoid it (I don't make it there to check them enough). With that being said...back when I ran a dozen or so cuddiebacks that were failing for whatever reason I gave up on them. Sounds like not much has changed. The customer service for cuddieback sucked.
    Hope you hear from them on your new cams and get the problems resolved. Sounds like the same issue that has caused several people to change flavors in the cams they run!
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    Good post & feedback. Agree that it’s really hard to pay $500 for a camera too! I run a lot of cameras as well & even the time checking all the cards adds up fast. Lots of pics to sort through. Good problem to have I guess. A lot of competition in “trail camera world” that I hope keeps producing better products & better service. I’m not a gear nut so it’s good to learn from others on what they experiencing.

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