First Indoor Tournament

Discussion in 'Archery' started by Bowfisher, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Wow! I went to my first indoor tournament over in Peoria IL this past weekend. Man there are some guys that can just flat out shoot!

    Got there Saturday around noon and my initial thoughts were .... I'm not ready for this. The old jitters were running pretty high.

    Fortunately I ran into some people I knew from outdoor (3D) shoots and it calmed down. My line time was at 3PM and I was on a bale next to the two guys I went with so it wasn't like it was completely foreign.

    Shot a 360 round 5 spot Saturday. Started off really rough due to nerves. I dug myself a hole and finished with a 339

    Sunday came and we shot a 330 round on a vegas face - my least favorite target to shoot. I was much more calm and actually looking forward to shooting. Started off ok, then my shots came around well and they were landing like they should be. Everything went fluid for a while. Draw shoot, of the target. over and over. Last end I was talking to the guys and said well we only have three left lets make them count! Jinxed myself. landed an 8,9,10 on that end.... Dang it! Finished with a 306.

    All in all for my first indoor I was pretty pleased with how it went. Standing on a line with 100+ other people shooting was pretty intimidating at first! Gonna go shoot the IA Pro Am in January in Des Moines now!

    Finished with a weekend total of 645 out of 690, not great but happy for a first timer!

    Anyway, just wanted to share :)

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