Identifying doe bedding areas

Discussion in 'Iowa Whitetail Conference' started by Rutty, Dec 3, 2019.

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    i personally think the key to having good rut hunts is being able to identify the exact location of a doe bedding area and setting up on the down wind side of it. Eventually mature bucks will swing around the downwind side and check them. Some of the properties I hunt I have struggled with locating these. I normally hang stands in areas I believe are doe bedding areas that don’t pan out to be them. What terrain do you think does bed on and what are some tips to be able to actually identify and key in on these exact small spots?
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    IMO - mature bucks will bed maybe 25% ways down a ridge & try to be alone - bedding against something like a tree & see all in front of them. Wind in face.
    Difference with does, imo- often they bed closer to food. Not as fussy on bedding. They still do mimic a smart buck though & 25% down a ridge with a view & wind in face. I’d tweak that by saying “closer to food” & they won’t be as fussy as bucks by long shot. Brush & openings as well good spots. Best way to know is to go in snow and find the multiple beds. After season. Or - unfortunately, where u bust them coming & going to ur stands.
    Doe bedding can change with cover & food so maybe u picked right but that time of year was a miss. Another last thing.... u may have picked right but often times, during rut, does hide and almost go underground if a lot of bucks. Like, rut, does are hiding- I’ll see 2-4 times as many bucks as does. They are finding areas not to be messed with. 4 weeks later I see 2x the does as bucks. Rut is gonna screw any careful plan up ;).
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