Michigan CWD Solution

Discussion in 'Iowa Whitetail Conference' started by Elvis188, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Central, IA
    This whole cwd thing is a head scratcher at how they think we can “slow or stop it”. Unreal. Doing away with some antler point restrictions. That will be a tool to help cwd. Wow.
    A cure for cwd or the resistent strains of whitetail being able to survive & reproduce. That’s the ONLY solution aside from cure (which i hope they can do but have not in 40 years so far). Go through ANY other thought process and I have yet to have explained to me how it does ANYTHING to solve it in the end. Throw in “killing every single deer in all those counties” & use what facts we know: will that stop cwd? NOPE.

    I’m open ears on this, not an expert but if I was on a “Jury” and this case was being tried by “state vs deer/cwd” - the state prosecution has not made a case. Michigan, we have to start with a basis of STUPID right off the bat (sorry- saying it how it is).... the management & GOVERNMENT there are all paint huffing glue sniffers with IQ’s lower than the deer themselves. Run by pure incompetent or bought & paid for $ hungry stooges for decades. That state continues to impress me on the pure level of stupidity that must Come from what they put in the drinking water or maybe their brains could have actually been infected with CWD.
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    I lived in MI for 50 yrs. Have to say I agree with the above. Just glad I am as old as I am. Deer populations for future generations are in serious question with this strange disease

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