Trapping Regulations

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    From The Iowa DNR:


    1 License not required for residents under 16 if accompanied by a licensed adult (18 years or older).

    2 Lifetime hunting license available to residents who qualify. Deer and Turkey licenses, Iowa Migratory Game Bird Fee and Federal Waterfowl Stamp must be purchased annually.

    3 License not required for qualifying resident and nonresident landowners or tenants or their juvenile children when hunting or trapping on their own land.

    4 Unless under 16 years old.

    5 Required for hunting and trapping all furbearers, except coyote and groundhog, which may also be taken on a hunting license.

    6 Except residents under 16 or over 65. See wildlife habitat fee.

    7 Needed to hunt ducks, geese, gallinule, rails, snipe and woodcock.

    9 Hunting license and habitat fee required for all nonresidents hunting deer and turkey.

    10 Residents issued a disabled veteran lifetime hunting license are exempt from the habitat fee.

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