Venting about beavers

Started by Kelcher · 2 Replies


22 days ago

Posted: 15 days ago
I am so sick of the dang beavers that keep moving in and destroying all of our trees. Just venting . . . .

And to think that I used to tell my boys when they were little that my favorite animal was the beaver . . . .
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Chad Rietveld Joined: 20 days ago

Posted: 14 days ago
Beavers are some of the easiest animal to trap if they haven't been trapped before. Get some 330 connibears and a couple #3 or 4 footholds and thin them out. Give me a shout if you need some advice

Kelcher Joined: 22 days ago

Posted: 14 days ago
Thanks, I am planning on trying to trap them, just been focusing on bow season. Hadn't even been in the area that they are doing the damage to.