Let me see your electic fence setups

Started by Rob Lange · 4 Replies

Rob Lange

22 days ago

Posted: 12 days ago
I have to fence in several acres of beans next year. Never setup a fence for deer before.
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Skip Sligh Joined: 22 days ago

Posted: 11 days ago
I’ll be there with u learning the 1st time. I looked at my buddies & they have it down for sure. I’ll work on some pics.

Corey Thorson Joined: 21 days ago

Posted: 11 days ago
Interested in this as well. May try a couple next year.

7mmsendero Joined: 9 days ago

Posted: 9 days ago
Hawk32 wrote:
Interested in this as well. May try a couple next year.

I am with you, we are planning to do some electric fencing on our food plots next year. The deer hit them hard in August, and they were basically useless when we needed them.

Dpx2x2 I'mDifferent Joined: 22 days ago

Posted: 8 days ago
Here's the beans, just not a pic of the fence, Google it and you'll find the setup, something similar to this: outer wire 18" high, inner wire 3' in and 2 wires, 18" and 30" is roughly what I did. Peanut butter on a few foil wraps on the fence to get them to learn the "rules". I initially started with wire for inside and outside, then switched to 1/2" tape the following years.
I can tell you it works ! The difference between ankle high beans with no pods, or lush almost crotch high beans full of pods.. the 2 food plots not 150 yards apart...