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Recent content by 651

  1. 651

    20-21 Team Contest Sign Up

    Sign me up for 6x6 team.
  2. 651

    10 year old is ruined for life

    Awesome buck and congrats! Friday sent me the pics the other night. Great farm!
  3. 651


    I'm sure glad they are not carrying those scary AR 450 Bushmasters.
  4. 651

    Snow and cold

    The deer will be eating your mushy turnips you were worried about.
  5. 651

    Thoughts on Dicks?

    I heard that Muddy likes them.
  6. 651

    Iowa Landowner/Tenant Tags... SCAM?!?!?!?

    Good lord another argument.
  7. 651

    2015.........A New Beginning

    Great job Jay!
  8. 651

    Super spike

  9. 651

    T&C Barrel and Scope

    What the hell? I thought you sold it.
  10. 651

    armadilla killa

    So who's watching the kids?
  11. 651

    brothers buck

    Nothing wrong with him at all!
  12. 651

    2015 season recap

    That's the way it should be! Dedicated and with a plan! Way to go!
  13. 651

    website issues

    So far knock on wood I figured out that I can post a pic using photo bucket on my Samsung phone but it will only let me do one photo. The others disappear. Which makes no sense.
  14. 651


    Looking good Jay! I still have those flints. Pm me your address again.
  15. 651

    SS Savage 220 Forest Camo

    That's a sharp setup! The trigger guard matches just fine.
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