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Recent content by abell3

  1. abell3

    No Limt

    Congrats man!!
  2. abell3

    Here I go again...

    Text me. I have a used 2011 JD 5090M. 641-640-1965
  3. abell3

    Dual permission

    +3 Put yourself in their shoes. When I knock on a door, and somebody has hunting permission already I just move on. The LO has no idea how hunting works and just wants "all the deer dead" so he'll give it out to anybody. I had this happen to me last year. Farm is 90 acres and I worked my tail...
  4. abell3

    2 speed Hydro vs 3 speed Hydro on tractors

    Mechanical front wheel drive is correct. I meant manual transmission. Sorry I'm on JD side of things and sometimes forget that. Manual Tranny will be a money saver. Depends on how you're going to use the tractor honestly. Both are great/ work great.
  5. abell3

    2 speed Hydro vs 3 speed Hydro on tractors

    Hydro Trans is more $$$ than MWFD Trans. Depends what work you want to be doing. If you're mostly mowing plots with it hydro is way to go. Doing work that requires more torque id lean towards MFWD trans. Most hobby farm customers I've been leaning them more towards Hydro. If you have never been...
  6. abell3

    Biggie Smalls

    Studddd! congrats boss
  7. abell3

    Helping deer over winter.....

    Common misconception about feeding corn, ie in harsh winters like what we are currently experiencing in Iowa. If corn is in your deer's diet it will be able to process it just fine with no lactic acid issues. You'll be hard pressed to find a deer herd in Iowa who doesn't have corn in their...
  8. abell3

    20-21 Team Contest Results

    Some Hammers! Congrats guys!
  9. abell3

    Offer for right person manage IW's Social Media accounts, need right person...

    Curtis can give the live shaky snap chat videos all fall long!
  10. abell3

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    I believe Lee killed this 222" on his 80 acre piece. From what i'm hearing. Nothing 100% yet tho.
  11. abell3

    A lot of deer like this... thoughts???

    Maybe you have a doe running around and gut punching all your young horny bucks. LOL
  12. abell3

    Tractor Shopping

    Feel free to send me a message and I can help ya out. I sell Deere. But can answer any other questions you have on tractors.
  13. abell3

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34

    Selling my Hoyt Carbon Spyder. 34. New strings put on last year. I will sell it loaded with accessories or bare bow. Bow has HHA sight, QAD drop, bee stinger stab. Hoyt Quiver. Bow is in great shape. Selling to use money towards new bow. Text me for pictures. 641-640-1965. $850 loaded. $700...
  14. abell3

    Average of land values

    Again, I can't stress how important Neighbors are. ( trespassing, management, quality of enjoyment) all fall into the category of understanding and learning your neighbors/area. If you want just want land to be able to go out and hunt and not have to worry about hassle, getting permission than...
  15. abell3

    Average of land values

    My advice is get as much information of the area as you can. Neighbors are EVERYTHING. If your goal is to harvest mature bucks and older age class deer than get to know all about the surrounding farms and see if that's feasible. A good Neighborhood and good Neighbors are everything! As far as...
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