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Recent content by Big Timber

  1. Big Timber

    Deer Farm Giant

    I wonder what kind of steroids that thing is on. That's a haas. BT
  2. Big Timber

    IW Tables @ Spring Banquet

    Kent, Please tell me that all4's in sittin at the ghost-table??????
  3. Big Timber

    Back to the basics...

    I would like to get back into a recurve this year. I used to shoot one years ago and had a blast with it. Anybody have any recommendations? I don't want the best, something midrange. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, BT
  4. Big Timber

    Spring Banquet 06 Waddell

    Sounds good... As long as he doesn't try to sell me RealTree beef jerky I'll enjoy myself. How many people are expected this year at the banquet? BT
  5. Big Timber

    Land Advice

    I'm not sure this is even an option for you but there is multiple public hunting grounds that are looked over. As far as private grounds, the guys above made valid points and offered good advice as far as purchasing ground. Look at the production side of the land. Do some research on the...
  6. Big Timber

    direct seeding acorns

    Pics? Not getting them for some reason. BT
  7. Big Timber

    Succession - good idea, bad idea

    Whack more does, and plant more acres. I learned years ago that even 2 acres wont supplement the population. Deer densities are high in my county, this may be different for you. Your on the right track either way. Get out and take care of some does! And don't quit experimenting, let us...
  8. Big Timber

    Succession - good idea, bad idea

    I agree with pharmer and 'ML as well, I'll bet you'll see some clover come up this spring but frost seeding would have been the way to go. I guess it would depend on the condition of the ground. If the soil was somewhat loose, you will see some good growth as long as the seed isn't washed...
  9. Big Timber

    First Bow Buck

    Congrats Wood! Nice work on an early harvest. There goes the last buck in Madison CO. Congrats, BT
  10. Big Timber

    Great buck from my VCAM

    Nice Limb, Nice. Well ballet tends to help me concentrate, helps me focus. Something you would never understand. I once heard that a man afraid of showing his feminine side is merely half a man. Back to the cam: Columbus and I set it up after the ballet. We got the same buck on...
  11. Big Timber

    Great buck from my VCAM

    V, Your time donated is highly appreciated by the members of QDMA. Your fine print states that the owner must set up the cam and pick the location in order for your rule to be considered valid. Therefore you do not qualify for this one. What the heck, I'll even set a stand for ya! BT
  12. Big Timber

    Attraction of Buck Forage Oats

    You need to start shooting two arrows at a time to thin that herd! Nice pics, as well as plots. Might have to change your screen name to Oatmeister. BT
  13. Big Timber

    Great buck from my VCAM

    Don't worry fellas... I'll have him riding shotgun on the way to the classic this year! Nice deer eh? BT
  14. Big Timber

    Corn or Soybeans?

    Like the rest of the guys said, BEANS. I drilled into brome this year and the stand is unreal. I wouldn't worry about the weeds, drill the beans and throw some N back into the ground. Good Luck! BT
  15. Big Timber

    Just my luck

    Bonker, Thanks again for making the trip, as well as everyone else who showed up! Call me @ 515.208.1563 and I'll see if I can get you figured out. I would attempt to answer the majority of your questions on the site but I'm afraid I would be writing a novel with 90% questions. BT
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