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Recent content by Blake 01

  1. Blake 01

    Aerial imagery

    Looks like I got some googling to do the officer was incredibly kind and helpful. Pretty certain he said it was usable by civilians. Thanks for all the insights guys.
  2. Blake 01

    Iowa Deer Classic

    Oh I’m already and have been in love with Iowa in a mostly unhealthy way since 2007 when I first ventured out to shed hunt one spring... all down hill since. Some dream of warm weather and retirement, I dream of Iowa lol.
  3. Blake 01

    Iowa Deer Classic

    Hey we can finally go have diner and a drink.. just gotta write down your address name and phone number so the governess can find you. Lol
  4. Blake 01

    Aerial imagery

    Hoping someone on here might be able to assist. When I was in Iowa last year hunting I met with a dnr officer and we looked at his computer to verify some public land. I use onyx and HuntWise also google earth. Oh and just found the Lydar images on the dnr webpage for Iowa. What I can’t find is...
  5. Blake 01

    Iowa Deer Classic

    Michigan canceled all of our shows last spring and I would guess they will cancel this springs too. So I convinced the wife it would be a nice weekend get away to come to show in Iowa. Can’t wait to see all the goodies.
  6. Blake 01

    View from the stand 2020

    Been working the ground blinds with my daughter here in Michigan. Several sits in and she connected with her first buck on Thursday evening. Cool and windy here. Very little scrape and rub activity going on currently. Had to move into a pop up blind. She moves a lot
  7. Blake 01

    ISO light climbing sticks and mobile setup suggestions

    I would agree with it being kind of trendy thing currently. Two things though, it works great for public land hunts, secondly being not for everyone you can find some good deals on equipment. I bought mine off Craigslist for about 1/3 of the cost of new. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not...
  8. Blake 01

    ISO light climbing sticks and mobile setup suggestions

    There is a lot of great information available if you look and ask people. For years I used a summit climber.. by far the most comfortable stand I still own. Once I have a great tree in the perfect location found I will carry the heavy thing in and use it. For ease of finding spots on public land...
  9. Blake 01

    Saddle Hunting

    That could be one of the best posts I’ve seen in a long time. Lol. as far as saddle hunting goes, I too was in a unique spot last season and wanted to try it. So I did. Bought a used aero hunter off Craigslist that a guy didn’t care for, made a ring of steps from the squirrel steps, loaded all...
  10. Blake 01

    Paige's First Buck

    Great story!!! Great pics!!! Great big buck deer. Congrats.
  11. Blake 01

    Gear website is here!

    Much appreciation for the opportunity to get some gear. I have been trying to check out after making an account in that site and it won’t take payment ? Just keeps regenerating the information page for input of credit card. Hopefully it’s just me and my inabilities. ‍♂️
  12. Blake 01

    Canon GL2 Hunting Package FOR SALE

    Good morning. Is your camera still for sale?
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