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Recent content by Bowfisher

  1. Bowfisher

    Albino Deer

    Daytime sighting
  2. Bowfisher

    Albino Deer

    I think this year is the first time he has really left the park much, hopefully he stays off of highway 92, he was only several hundred yards from it when I took the picture. Would be kinda cool to see him grow and reproduce in the years to come.
  3. Bowfisher

    Albino Deer

    Finally I saw him.... He is 3.5 years old and a true albino. Has a small basket rack. Was coming home from hunting Sat evening, crested a hill and headed down when I saw an odd figure in the headlights. As I got closer I realized I was viewing the "famous" albino that lives in Keomah State...
  4. Bowfisher

    That moment

    Heck yes!! The older I get the more I enjoy other peoples success hunting over my own. Funny how time changes things.
  5. Bowfisher

    Binocular recommendations

    FWIW I have a set of Leupold McKenzie 10 X 42 binoc's. I use them for 3D all summer and then obviously hunting. For what they cost $200 ish they are very clear and gather light well. Are they as clear as a high end Vortex? Nope. However they are as clear as the lower end Vortex by a head to...
  6. Bowfisher

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    After hunting nearly every day of third season. I would have to say for sure less turkeys in Mahaska county anyway. At least on the ground I have permission on. One spot that is normally a jackpot for half a dozen gobblers. Stopped two mornings in a row before light - nothing but silence. That...
  7. Bowfisher

    Iowa ASA 3D schedule 2021

  8. Bowfisher

    New guy

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Bowfisher

    Iowa ASA 3D schedule 2021

  10. Bowfisher

    Binocular suggestion?

    Leupold McKenzie series is a great choice for a mid range priced pair. Very clear optics for the price, and durable with a great warranty as well.
  11. Bowfisher

    Bonus Hunt

    Nice job Scott!!!!! Ben told me you shot one last night and I was like crap I cant believe I didn't see this already! Havent been online much lately though! Its deer season. Congrats!!!!!
  12. Bowfisher

    Rut report 2020

    Ok so what really is the general consensus of deer population this year? I am seeing more deer per hunt than I have in 7-8 years? It’s a great thing really!
  13. Bowfisher

    Rut report 2020

    And that dang full moon
  14. Bowfisher

    3D Shoot Mahaska County Ike 9/19 & 20

    Saturday the 19th 8AM - 3PM Sunday the 20th 8AM -1PM 40 targets Lunch/drinks available Rangefinders allowed
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