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Recent content by Bowhunt

  1. Bowhunt

    Missin some Iowa Whitetail!!

    Bowman! I am in Northern Colorado and it is a pretty awesome place! You can hunt mulies, elk, bear, and antelope within an hour of my house. I have seen a few whitetails, but they are usually on private land and there are only a handful here.
  2. Bowhunt

    Missin some Iowa Whitetail!!

    All, I can't remember my last post...maybe 4 years ago!! Glad to see the site is still active and full of lots of great people!!! I just moved to Colorado and it is pretty awesome, but I still miss those huge Iowa Whitetails! Thanks for keeping the thrill of the hunt active for those of us who...
  3. Bowhunt

    I am back!!!!!!!!

    Holy Cow! I did not think the website still existed!! Lot of hunting stories to tell, only SCOTT IC knows the extent of the large one, (singular) that I put to the ground last fall! Details to follow......
  4. Bowhunt

    Getting rid of Brome!!!!!!!!!!

    Plow it under and let it sit for a couple of weeks when the weather is hot. Then disk it and that seemed to work for me.
  5. Bowhunt

    Great things to come............

    I just wanted to personally thank everyone that was involved with our banquet this year. We had a great group of people and with out everyone's help and support this event would have not been such a success. All of the time and effort that went into this event shined at our banquet. Thank you...
  6. Bowhunt

    Trophy New York Bucks...

    They hunt the steuben county quite alot and up around Rochester. They do take alot of nice bucks, but they live and breathe deer and turkeys!
  7. Bowhunt

    " The Wall " ......... Iowans ????

    Both are excellent websites! It really makes you appreciate the sacrifices that people make for us. Good post guys, thanks!
  8. Bowhunt

    Post Your Best!

    Here are a couple of a series I got. The first is a buck that has 6 or 7 points on the messed up left side, and a 4pt side on the other. He is in a scrape here. A minute later my camera took a picture of him fighting with a buck.
  9. Bowhunt

    4th Annual Rendevous (Thingy)

    I went last year and had a blast, plan on heading this year. I can not owl hoot, but will listen to the pros!!
  10. Bowhunt

    Trophy New York Bucks...

    WNY bowhunter, Do you know of the blodgett boys that live around you?? I know that they kill some dandies!! Those are some great looking deer!
  11. Bowhunt

    Central Iowa QDMA Seed Sales

    Here are three seed blends that we have made to raise money for our Central Iowa QDMA branch. The money raised by the sale of these seed blends will go to support our goals in the state of Iowa. Profits will go to putting on whitetail educational seminars and workshopts, supporing HUSH, TIP...
  12. Bowhunt

    How many calls do you generally carry?

    Here are the calls I love to use. Blodgett Double Trouble -low soft pitch, great for purrs,clucks Blodgett Legacy -Loudest slate call I have ever heard! Almost any bird will shock gobble to this one! Blodgett Box call Just a simple box call with good sound, great for giving a few soft tree...
  13. Bowhunt

    Meat Processing 101

    I have butchered about 40 deer the last few years for myself and friends. This is how I do it. 1. bone out everything myself. 2. packagage steaks and roasts in saran wrap, then freezer paper. No problem with freezer burn. 3. Grind trimmings with about 20% of the cheap burger from fareway. To...
  14. Bowhunt

    Bowhunt's Late Muzzleloader Buck

    This particular buck was one that I had seen in the velvet twice during the summer. He was not the largest one I had seen, but definately a nice deer. I had not seen this deer since the last Friday before first shotgun season. After talking to people around where I hunt I knew that this buck...
  15. Bowhunt

    Bittersweet Buck

    Looks like some good genetics in your area. Nice Deer and congradulations!
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