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Recent content by Daver

  1. Daver

    Right of First Refusal

    Total FWIW, I am not an expert on this at all. But when I bought my farm, now many years ago, the seller wanted to include language that if I ever sold that he had right of first refusal, should I decide to sell. My realtor actively discouraged me from agreeing to that stipulation based on his...
  2. Daver

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    Well I think the "science" here has shown that it is the conservatives in this world that have caused all of the Covid problems, and many more too. ;)
  3. Daver


    Pencil sharpener incident?? :) I would guess a velvet injury too, he otherwise looks to be healthy.
  4. Daver

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    You almost got me, almost. I was taking a drink of water when I read your very uncomplimentary post and I nearly spewed out all over the place. :) :) Almost.
  5. Daver

    Can you catch Covid from a whitetail deer ?

    :) :) But seriously, I have no idea, sorry.
  6. Daver

    Ending morning hunts…..

    I for sure would continue on AM hunts for cruising buck until at least the end of November. I am persuaded by the idea that while you may now see as many bucks on their feet now, you very well may see the very oldest bucks out for one last doe walk. We have seen that exact thing more than once...
  7. Daver

    2021 Trapline

    Awesome sauce!! Those are life long memories there!
  8. Daver

    Floppy Era Ends - Nov. 12,2021

    The best trophies don't always have the biggest antlers. That buck, to me, is more of a true trophy than would be a giant racked 4 year old say. Congrats! We had a buck on our farm a few years back that was almost the same story, he was at least 8, possibly 9, when we finally connected with...
  9. Daver

    Winke bought a new Farm!

    Would you believe that I actually saw that buck live about 2 weeks before he connected on him? I used to hunt pretty close to that area and from time to time we would see the same bucks. One time I found a dead head in that area and cut the rack off and then took it in to show Larry what I...
  10. Daver

    Winke bought a new Farm!

    Is that Larry? :) If so, I know the story too. :)
  11. Daver

    The "orange army"

    You forgot to add: Pay for habitat improvements/food plots and chainsaws, etc, for timber maintenance. Also, if: 1. Row cropping it - then pay for fertilizer, seed, harvest, storage, etc, etc, etc. or 2. CRP - mid contract management, spraying as necessary, etc, etc, etc.
  12. Daver

    Nov 13th is my day!!

    Awesome! That's a true giant...congrats!!
  13. Daver

    Cams still slow

    FWIW, the last two days have been improved, but still nowhere near normal for us. I have yet to see a bonafide chase and even driving to and from town, etc, reveals many fewer deer sightings than what would normally be the case at this time of the year. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate what...
  14. Daver

    Down goes Groot

    WOW! I would say that the wait was worth it! Congrats!!
  15. Daver

    Air show tomorrow

    Just be sure that you are tethered in tight Randy...I wouldn't want the backwash from the jets to knock you out of your stand. :) Good luck and be safe out there!!
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