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Recent content by DMarley83

  1. DMarley83

    EHD Kills

    Found one today. Just above a dry pond with a bit of mud.... Year and 1/2 maybe a 2 year old.... 10 mi sw of indianola
  2. DMarley83

    EHD Kills

    Just wondering if any one has found any sign of EHD in Iowa this year? As for me south central/ south east nothing as of yet..... Did smell some death on a farm this week but was not able to locate the Suspect.... Hoping coon.
  3. DMarley83

    Rambo & Bakcou Electric Fat Tired Bikes

    You have been selling these for a while now.. What brand/modle has been consistently the best feedback? (I know everyone has their own reasons/expectations ) but I gotta imagine 1 has stood out....
  4. DMarley83

    Food Ploot Beans FREE

    Long time follower seldom post.... Just wanted to get this out there. I have a large supply of food plot beans left over from last year I'd be happy to share with anyone who needs them. Have done a recent germination test and all performed well. Located 10mn past carlisle on hywy 5. PM me to...
  5. DMarley83

    Broadhead issues

    Tks 4 info. Will stop in sometime!
  6. DMarley83

    Broadhead issues

    What is the shop in pella?
  7. DMarley83

    What's your unpopular hunting opinion

    Hero pictures! I'm all for a good pic but dang it goes to far imo.... Either tough guy absolutely no smile Or even worse hunter holding the deer head on ready to give it a
  8. DMarley83

    Necked cartidge bill returns HF 716

    Been looking thru previous posts. This looks very concerning! Can some one please post in lamens terms the bullet points on this bill. Thanks!
  9. DMarley83

    2019-20 hunting field report thread

    Hunted last night (10/13) had 2 mature bucks aggressivly harassing does 400 yds apart. Felt like a 10/31 hunt!
  10. DMarley83

    Very Important Please READ!!!!!!! Read Slowly and GO VOTE TOMORROW IF YOU HAVN'T ALLREADY

    Very good to point this out! We dont fully understand yet what this has cost us. I really like your "non-democrat" term . No matter how much your GOP candidate isn't your "favorite person " at the end of the day we at least know all of the fundamentals are in line with a contributing member...
  11. DMarley83

    Very Important Please READ!!!!!!! Read Slowly and GO VOTE TOMORROW IF YOU HAVN'T ALLREADY

    I have never heard this said as simply or as well. Class war at its best. The folks who are getting the free stuff don't like The folks who are paying for the free stuff , because The folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer Afford to pay for both the free stuff and...
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