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Recent content by double lunged

  1. D

    Taxidermy crappie question

    Were they feeding it while it was there? Jk
  2. D

    Ideal time? How long to hang a deer & temp?

    Ive left deer hang for a week in 30-40 degree weather. Just wrapped a bed sheet around it to keep dirt/dust from getting on it helps it with drying out to. Take a beef to a locker most hang for 2 weeks before getting worked up.
  3. D


    Ill take it
  4. D


  5. D

    Frontier disc

    9ft 6in good for 40+ horsepower tractors
  6. D

    Frontier disc

    Like new frontier disc located in chariton 2800$ 641-217-1166 mark
  7. D

    Got it done early this year

    Yea SB3 they 12.25 an 12.50 inch brows.
  8. D

    Got it done early this year

    I went out an sat on an alfalfa in hopes to shoot a doe or two. I got there at 2:30 by 3:00 I had 2 bucks come out an feed for 15 min or so. Then went back in the timber. Two hours passed an few does started making there was out followed by 4 young up an comers. 6 o'clock rolled around an I have...
  9. D

    new frontier disk

    Chariton iowa
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