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Recent content by DWilk

  1. DWilk

    Missing Paul...

    Paul was a true steward! He enriched so many hunters (and non hunters) lives and will continue to do so through the wealth of knowledge he readily shared. He sure left an imprint on the land.... Missed but not forgotten!
  2. DWilk

    November 21st 10 point

    Great buck Drew congrats! Love that bobcat photo very cool!
  3. DWilk

    Killing locust tree's

    Garlon (I use the 3A) in the mid-late summer absolutely nukes stuff 50/50 with water in a girdle and the trees are cooked crazy fast... Good stuff.
  4. DWilk

    The dbltree challenge

    Great idea! No better way to continue Paul's legacy. Count me in for sure.
  5. DWilk

    Best Locker for sumner sausage

    Another vote for Hunter Smokehouse.... Best I've had and great people to work with!
  6. DWilk

    Tough not to cry for you down here Dbltree

    Paul's legacy and reach with teachings and faith are something to be greatly admired. There isn't a hunter or manager or person for that matter... that wasn't better off for having met or learned from Paul. Prayers to his family and may he rest in peace.
  7. DWilk

    Our brave young men and women..

    Need more stories like this! You're a good guy Brian I don't care what anyone says :D
  8. DWilk

    The dbltree benefit mount

    Nothing less than the best as usual!
  9. DWilk

    IDNRs proposed changes to NRC

    So I haven't done my due diligence in following these things, but what is the latest on this proposal? Knowing our current administration, I'm assuming it got nixed before it had a chance to collect an speck of dust on their desks?
  10. DWilk

    Hoyt Alphamax 32, 60#, 26-28" draw - FOR SALE

    I am selling my Hoyt Alphamax 32, 60# 26-28" draw. Currently, it has a QUAD drop away rest and Black Gold Flashpoint sight on it. Strings are custom, less than a year old and with minimal shots. $400 bare bow w/strings $600 ready to shoot with rest and sight My cell is 515-554-0032 and email...
  11. DWilk

    still have average deer numbers?

    Every farm I personally hunt has less deer on it now than any year in the past 6 years, every one. Some of these farms still have what I'd consider good numbers as they were pretty high at one time. Others have very very very poor numbers. I'm talking less than 10 deer per square mile in some...
  12. DWilk

    Deer are NOT Pests

    That's the kicker.... deer are so far down the list of things that could hinder crop production.... they should be insignificant in the grand scheme of things. What happens is there is a continual flow of mis-information coming to farmers pegging deer as pests and problems, and the social...
  13. DWilk

    Deer are NOT Pests

    Bill Winke's recent hunt and conversation with Governor Branstad further confirmed what many of us already knew and that is that that the Governor and the legislature receive extreme pressure from insurance companies (Farm Bureau) to reduce deer populations as it relates to 'public safety'...
  14. DWilk

    Hunter Smokehouse

    Their barbecue sticks are amazing.... AMAZING! Yeah definitely recommend Hunter and I've had a lot of different places.
  15. DWilk

    Idaho Billy

    Amazing! Hunt of a lifetime for sure... sounds like you more than earned him! Congrats!
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