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Recent content by ElkFever2

  1. ElkFever2

    2021 wrap up

    Thanks so much for the info! I suspect our toughest fight in the next few years will be “crossgun creep”.
  2. ElkFever2

    SF 464- now SF 581 - additional updates & contact info.... please read & write in!!!

    Appreciate the update. State representative contacted
  3. ElkFever2

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    I’ve been hunting turkeys on public in IA since 2011. In that time I’ve seen 2 total other turkey hunters afield. I’ve never had trouble finding turkeys - they have always seemed to be quite abundant. I have always seen what appears to be populations that have balanced age and sex classes. One...
  4. ElkFever2

    Shotgun Red Dot Sights

    Another vote for the TRS-25. It’s what I use on my slug gun. The reflex-style sight has some advantages and disadvantages over the tube style red dot. https://guide.sportsmansguide.com/holographic-weapon-sights-vs-red-dots-how-theyre-different/
  5. ElkFever2

    Central IA

    Yes, here to stay. My wife is from IA.
  6. ElkFever2

    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    I don’t know how many outfitters there are, but when I spoke with rep Breckenridge he said there have been very few for some time now. If you emailed him he might know the exact # or close to it.
  7. ElkFever2

    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    The sheer amount of misinformation stated in so few words is impressive. Most of us hunters see right through it, but if you’re a legislator and don’t know any better I could see how you might be convinced otherwise. The language used by the outfitter lobby in IA is nearly identical to bills in...
  8. ElkFever2

    Legislative update - current status- all bills

    You are very articulate!! Thanks for making your voice heard. This will help me with phrasing when speaking to lawmakers and hunters in the future.
  9. ElkFever2

    Legislative update - current status- all bills

    Comments sent - thank you
  10. ElkFever2

    HSB 158 Crossbows in late archery season

    Most mature bucks in WI are now taken by CB. I think the State is now #1 for youngest avg age class of bucks too. I am not opposed to CB use in principle. I think it would be fun to hunt with one. In my fantasy world, IA would have Oct archery, Nov stick bow only, and late season crossbows...
  11. ElkFever2

    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    Spoke with Breckenridge today. The amendment was to more narrowly define “outfitter” such that eligibility for getting one of the 500 set-aside tags is restricted to actual outfitters rather than just anyone who sets up a shell company LLC.
  12. ElkFever2

    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    I emailed D - Breckenridge (he is my rep, and also sat on the subcommittee), to see what his vote and position was, and if there are any good reasons to support this bill. With the subcommittee voting 2-0 it appears that one member abstained, but I didn't want to just assume it was him since the...
  13. ElkFever2

    HF 666 Tree stands on public ground

    Response from Breckenridge: "Thank you for your message. It appears the bill didn’t get beyond the introduction phase, and was never assigned to a subcommittee. It’s unlikely it will go anywhere (this year anyway)."
  14. ElkFever2

    Central IA

    I just learned of this site the other day from a member on HuntTalk. I'm looking forward to being more involved in local politics and legislation involving natural resources, public land, wildlife management, and hunting. I've lived in MN, SC, ND, CO, and now IA for 13 years in Linn, Polk...
  15. ElkFever2

    HF 666 Tree stands on public ground

    Here's what I wrote my House rep (D): Hi my name is _________, I live in Newton. I'm writing to ask that you consider voting against HF 666. This bill calls for the natural resource commission to establish a "buffer zone" on public land in Iowa open to hunting where persons are not allowed to...
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