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Recent content by EVIL X

  1. E

    SF 112 Changes to the Forest Reserve Program

    It's almost like we need to make a "cheat sheet" of the good and bad politicians making these decisions so when we go to vote, for people that don't follow politics much, will have a heads up lol!
  2. E

    Show on all habitat, conservation, building a farm - no deer hunts - any interest?

    It would help people like me alot, with things I know nothing about, but willing to learn and hopefully not make too many mistakes cutting the wrong trees, planting in the wrong spots etc. I think it would be a hit.
  3. E

    Thermal and IR Coyote Hunting.

    Does anyone run the atn x-sight ir that can shed some real life feedback on your experience with the scope?
  4. E

    Thermal and IR Coyote Hunting.

    I'm thinking strongly on the atn x sight 4k pro.
  5. E

    Call Dexter...

    Thats what you call a "1 hitter quitter"
  6. E

    Thermal and IR Coyote Hunting.

    Between the two, which do you prefer and why? I know very little about both actually, but could extend the shooting times with the help of one or the other.
  7. E

    Thermal and IR Coyote Hunting.

    What general price tags are we talking to get into IR or thermal scopes?
  8. E

    Antler Repair

    There is no doubt, Tom Sexton is known at being the best for antler repair.
  9. E


    I could be wrong, its been since 2018 when I purchased through fcs, but I believe their longest term offered to me at that time was 20 years.
  10. E

    4 wheeler vs. quiet kat bike

    What brand of e-bike are you carrying?
  11. E

    4 wheeler vs. quiet kat bike

    I bought an electric bike. I use it to change batteries in my cams,get to and from my stand without my feet even touching the ground,turkey hunting,etc. I use a truck or utv as well, but in the off season. I try and get everything thing done before hunting season, so I'm not out disturbing...
  12. E

    Muzzleloader scope

    I'm not doubting your opinion one bit, but was curious as to why? I have bdc nikon stuff and have been pleased. Have they changed in quality or something in the last 10 years?
  13. E

    How wide is this guy ??

    I'm guessing 24" only a non educated guess!!
  14. E

    Necked cartidge bill returns HF 716

    I received the exact email. Let get a pile of people writing in, it has to catch someone's attention.
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