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Recent content by gunrunr

  1. gunrunr

    Tactacam Reveal X

    We have the new Reveal X 2.0 in stock - demand seems highs so we are selling them pretty fast
  2. gunrunr

    Oh snap- IW hats- best hats I’ve ever had!!!!

    I will work on typing up the story of the deer and that hunt as well as how it became the IowaWhitetail logo buck
  3. gunrunr


    I heard on the news this morning that only 2% of guns used in crime were purchased at retail by the offender. How are new gun laws going to make things better when criminals don/t follow the law anyway?
  4. gunrunr

    Pre-emergent for beans

    many will kill the beans if they are only even beginning to peek through the ground. This year my beans were coming up in only 4 days so my vote would be no
  5. gunrunr

    Stan Onnex resistance shooting video

    Archery shop in Pella - Buck Hollow Sports - long time supporter of Iowa Whitetail - my banner ad is probably on the top of the page
  6. gunrunr

    Stan Onnex resistance shooting video

    We received ten of the new OnneX releases from Stan this week and in a few days had sold half of my order - more on the way already. THis is going to be a great release lineup
  7. gunrunr

    Rambo Customer Service

    Rambo moved from Minnesota to Southern Iowa this winter so the turnover on people has been a problem due to that, Does sound like they are stepping up to take care of it though. We've had excellent customer service from Rambo.
  8. gunrunr

    What to plant?

    Maybe a good waterway mix from the local farm store - should have some orchard and brome grass as well as timothy and a few others to make a good solid base of grasses.
  9. gunrunr

    Watering hole

    Same here, dug one with skidloader, Currently probably 5' deep and plenty big for a watering hole. Didnt line it with anything yet, we'll see how it holds water this fall. Last year it was pretty dry and never got a ton of use but it has plenty of water now and has deer on it daily.
  10. gunrunr

    Tillable cash rent questions….

    $175 isnt all that bad if its a smaller uneven field with lots of point rows and surrounded by timber. That type of field gets hammered by the wildlife and is not very efficient to farm. The guys paying 350 are probably bigger, square fields away from the timber edges.
  11. gunrunr

    I fell…..

    Prayers for a speed recovery and that the rest of us take it as a very serious lesson learned
  12. gunrunr

    Irony of 2 deer…..

    I've also received pictures of several bucks still carrying both sides of their rack this past week - seems crazy late.
  13. gunrunr

    Land prices / insane!!!

    We bought a farm in 2002 that would probably bring at least 6 times what we paid if we sold it today - still not for sale.
  14. gunrunr

    N of Iowa City trespasser

    Is that a bolt-cutter in his bag? Maybe trying to steal treestands ?
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