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Recent content by Hardcorehunter

  1. Hardcorehunter

    Tip for Turkey Arrows

    Lol...that happens. Yes, in fact Magnus gives a video with their Bullheads and they tell you in the video to hang a pillow from a rope. Works great!
  2. Hardcorehunter

    first bird

    Pretty Cool!!
  3. Hardcorehunter

    Spring River Walleye

    Great fish there!!:way:
  4. Hardcorehunter

    These 125 gr Magnus Bullheads

    are flying and hitting EXACTLY where my 100 gr field points do! My Carbon Element is paper tuned, and I am using the 4 feathered Victory arrows, that Magnus recommends and sells. I Couldn't be happier! I put off shooting turkey beheading heads for years, as I thought they would be a hassle to...
  5. Hardcorehunter

    Video Eyewear?

    I bought a pair today at Jax in Ames. Andy at the store has a pair and loves them. Another employee said he has seen Andy's hunting footage and said they provide very good video and audio. They said that since Hunter's specialties bought them out, that the price dropped from $170 to $99 on them...
  6. Hardcorehunter

    Mondays' Opener forecast

    Doesn't look good. The Accuweather.com weather apps says 33-61 mph winds out of the WNW. Weatherbug says just says Windy, 40% chance of rain, and Weather channel says 25 mph NW winds. All agree it will be windy with a chance of rain. Looks like getting in the woods and setup between a couple of...
  7. Hardcorehunter

    Dave Smith Strutter 360 & squatting hen

    Cooter, two tags or one this year? If two, will u arrow two at the same time, if given the chance, or do u want to drag season out and make it last longer?
  8. Hardcorehunter

    Dave Smith Strutter 360 & squatting hen

    Looks awesome...you will need a baseball bat to beat them away!
  9. Hardcorehunter

    Video Eyewear?

    Good video here explaining them. The vids on youtube look pretty good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8xTtFZzsW8
  10. Hardcorehunter

    Tip for Turkey Arrows

    Great tip, I SEE NOTHING!!!!
  11. Hardcorehunter

    mount back

    Nice buck and mount:way:
  12. Hardcorehunter

    Legal question?

    If you dont specify you want archery only tags, and you buy 2 combo licenses by mistake, but are only going to bow hunt them, then one of your bow kills has to be 4th season.
  13. Hardcorehunter

    Legal question?

    Daver, did he shoot them both with a gun, as this has never been allowed on the same day? Gun hunters, or a combo license(gun or bow may be used) have always been a deal where the 2nd bird had to be a 4th season kill. I dont know how long archery only tags have been out, but when you purchase an...
  14. Hardcorehunter

    Legal question?

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